Moving towards a more eco-friendly communication
The communication activities, through the production and distribution of messages (brochures, pamphlets, reports, guides...) contribute significantly to various environmental impacts: consumption of natural resources (energy, paper, packaging...), use of hazardous materials (inks, solvents...), waste, pollution related to transport...

DPP, as the actors in the tertiary sector, has the responsibility to reduce environmental impacts associated with its activities.

Our team of professionals leads with our clients in the choice of carriers and choices graphics, in optimizing the layout and choice of format documents.
That's why we educate our customers to the environmental issues associated with printing and personalization of documents of their campaigns, through the following characteristics:
  • Ecological quality paper
  • Ecological quality inks and related products
  • Ecological quality of finishes (eg prefer a varnish to a laminating ...)
  • Using technology to limit the use of chemicals
  • Regular monitoring file addresses (which will reduce returns and better assess the quantities to print)

We are all concerned with the protection of our planet.
In this desire that the printing group won in 2007 the Imprim’Vert certification.